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OBIEE 11g action frame work is an excellent feature that offers lot of benefits for BI users. However, there is a minor inconvenience with action links.  Any action link that is related to http URL request or Browser script and other type of links are being exported as part of column data. See below image. This is not an issue of those action links that navigate to other BI content.


Below link shows an analysis that is using “Invoke HTTP action”. I have add a link to http://www.google.com to produce this example.

Action Link



  • This work around works only in Dashboards.
  • We need to add an identical copy this analysis to dashboard in a separate section.  Make sure export link is enabled for this analysis.
  • Add a jQuery script in this section.
  • Hide both new analysis and jQuery script by entering “display:none” in format section.
  • Remove export link from main analysis.
  • Add a custom export link to main analysis by adding html to its section.


Trick: When user clicks on custom export link it will simulate a click on hidden analysis export menu. Since this analysis doesn’t contain action link it’s export doesn’t show action links.


This issue seems to exist in also. I hope Oracle will provide an option to exclude action links from exporting. Until that time this is the only solution I can think of.


Hidden Section:

dashboard layout




jQuery inside text object:

<script src=”http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js”> </script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
function otherExport() {

$(“.ResultLinksCell”).find(“a”).each ( function () {
if ( $(this).html() == “Export”) {
$(“.shadowMenuCell”).find(“a”).each( function () {
if ($(this).attr(“onclick”).indexOf(“Format=pdf”) != -1) {



Main Section:


Remove export links

remove links


Add Custom link using html text

<table align=”center”> <tr> <td>
<a href=”javascript:void(0)” onClick=”otherExport()”> Export pdf </a>
</td> </tr> </table>


Final Result

Below image shows custom export link in Dashboard

You can add a separate link for each export option or you can build menu similar to OBIEE export menu here. I took the easy route.



final dasboard look


PDF export results

final result


In addition to addressing action link in export issue, this technique is also useful for exporting additional columns in export etc.


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